Antimalware Service Executable high CPU

Today I noticed that my computer fan was running more than normal, Windows Explorer become unresponsive and basically the computer wasn’t normal. I took a look at Task Manager and Process Explorer and I noticed that Antimalware Service Executable wasn’t normal and was using about 30% CPU.


I found that strange and first I tried to kill the process, but unfortunately  I can’t kill it. Then I tried stop Windows Defender Service, but I can’t stop this service. Then I reboot the computer and the problem was the same…

After a while I did a google search to see if someone else had the same problem. I’ve found that this is a common problem with lots of possible solutions.

The solution that worked for me was:

1º  Open Windows Defender

2º Go to settings\Administrator and uncheck “Turn on this app” and then save settings


3º Now you will have warning messages in Windows TaskBar.

4º Open Action Center

action-center5º Click on button “Turn on now” to turn on Windows Defender.

And after this steps for some reason my computer CPU is again normal.


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