Open Media Vault

A few years ago many users, like my self, bought Windows home server but as you might know windows home server is dead.
So few years ago I tested a few NAS solutions like FreeNAS, Ubuntu Server + Webmin, etc.. but in the end I choose Open Media Vault.


  1. I needed a very simple web interface to configure the server and FreeNAS and Open Media Vault has it.
  2. it has to be light not a resource hog.
  3. Support for samba, users, ftp, ssh, backups and other things I might need.
  4. Support for extensions/plugins.

Both FreeNAS and Open Media Vault have it but I sick with Open Media Vault mainly because it’s based on Debian and I’m more familiar with Debian than with FreeBSD.

I will post here a few links that worth check out so you can learn more about Open Media Vault.

Live Demo
Virtual machine to test

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